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N-Channel Compressor Ext. Detect question

Question asked by Alvis on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2017 by Alvis

Hello guys,

I have one project to use multi-channel signal and I need a limiter to limit the signal,


now the 4-channel signal input to the N-Channel compressor like the below picture:

my question is about the red dot which is use on the external detect signal and

which source should I choose (CH1 to CH4)?


One message from the wiki:

"The block compares among the n channels and selects the one with the highest energy. In a 5-channel situation, the sound will be controlled and processed based on the loudest channel."


I am confused at "selects the one with the highest energy " it means if there are 4 channel input signal and one of them need to limit, the compressor will control it, but what if there are two channel signal need to limit? (one is the highest energy signal, and the other is over the limiter threshold but this signal energy is lower than the highest one, in this case I wish these two channel need to limit.)


Thanks for reading my question!