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ADE7880 current reading on single phase

Question asked by on Jun 27, 2017
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I am start testing with single phase connection on board with induction motor. I am getting voltage reading but not get current reading on phase. I am surprised that I can get neutral phase current reading but not phase current reading.


I am using the following parameter setting

Vrms = 240 volt (Supply Voltage)

Irms = 4.15 amp (Load Current - Normal (without load) Induction motor current)

N = 1500 (CT turn ratio)

IFS = 6 amp

Rb = 150 ohm


I am getting following reading 


BIRMS:618388CNT, 0.058046V , 0.580457A
NIRMS:4430976CNT , 0.415918V , 4.159184A


From BIRMS and NIRMS CNT reading, I calculated voltage developed between Ibp - Ibn and  Inp - Inn((CNT*0.5)/5326737) as 0.058046V and 0.415918V. To cross verify this I measured the voltage develop on board on the same pin and I got the same value as i have calculated from count reading.


So my calculation looks correct to me. but why I am getting different count reading even if the current flowing is the same on both channel??