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Using ADMU4190 as voltage sensor power converters

Question asked by alissonfreitas on Jun 26, 2017
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My name is Alisson Freitas and I am a doctoral student in electrical engineering. I am developing a sensor board and will use the ADMU4190 as a voltage sensor for my converter. I will use a sensor at the input of my converter (24 Vdc) and the output (380 Vdc). I am having some questions about 4190 and would like someone to help me.

1) Should the GND on each side (GND1 and GND2) be different? Because my converter has no isolation (it is a derivation of a high gain boost converter) and thus has the same earth. You would have some solution (device) so I can just insert it into the PCB mue without having to create a different circuit.

2) Should the amplifier output (EATout or EATout2) be filtered before being inserted into the dspic A / D pin?

3) Considering my application, what would be the settings presented in the datasheet that I should choose.


Alisson Freitas