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Loading SHARC program from Linux @ ADSP-SC58x

Question asked by lukma on Jun 26, 2017
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I've go through the following document:'s_Guide-1.1.0.pdf


And in the chapter 6 "Multicore support"

There is mentioned the "corecontrol" utility for start/stop the SHARC cores.


And in point 6.2 "Loading of multicore apps by the boot ROM" the program to run on
SHARC cores is loaded to them by ROM first bootloader or by ICE via JTAG.
The SHARC firmware should be in *.dxe format wrapped to u-boot.ldr file.


Afterwards, the core is started by u-boot's icc command or corecontrol utility in Linux.


I'm wondering if it is possible to load firmware and control SHARC cores from Linux
- like it is done with remoteproc on TI's PRUSS ?


Example use case would be to develop SHARC program on HOST PC, download it to ADSP-SC58x target

and then replace the program running on SHARC.


Thanks in advance for support,