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Suitable Current Sense IC??

Question asked by nikl@s on Jun 26, 2017
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Our RnD department is in the designing process of a traffic lights controller. The output stage of this device is being designed to drive various loads (Incandescent lamp or LED power supply, both operating on 230VAC) thus the nominal output current is 320mA and 60mA respectively. So, we want to design a circuit to measure this output current so as to determine the susceptibility of the device. We desire the measurement’s step resolution to be 5mA.During the research process we found that there are many different ways to measure current (indirect sensing using Hall Effect sensor or direct sensing using current transformer, operational amplifier, differential amplifier, instrumentation amplifier and current sense amplifier) but we ended up to use the shunt resistor method. The basic measurement circuit is shown on the attached image.

We would like you to recommend some of your available ICs to help us build an efficient and low cost design.

Thank you in advance

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