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Recommended M25P16 alternative?

Question asked by kxnz on Jun 26, 2017
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I'm designing custom systems with ADSP-21478 and BF-592 processors, and I'd like to boot my software from SPI Flash, utilising the VDSP++ Flash Programmer utility. I have successfully done so using the M25P16 parts that are used in the EZ-kits with the flash drivers provided.


Unfortunately it looks like these parts are being phased out, being labelled 'Obsolete' or 'Last Time Buy' at all of the large electronics parts distributors.  Can Analog Devices recommend an alternative part to use in place of the M25P16? Ideally it would be pin and package compatible and work with the provided drivers.


Which part will be used in the BF-592 and ADSP-21479 EZkits going forward?


Thank you very much.