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Loading the DSP via assembly language

Question asked by rmcox on Oct 14, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2011 by BrettG

I have reviewed the tutorial and examples for loading a ADAU1781 via I2C, but they all involve writing in C, which I do not use.

All the files, headers, etc. make no sense to me.

I am a consultant on the development team for a product which has a PIC microcontroller, (my portion), and the DSP,

which another consultant is developing.

My first attempt was to take the file "hex_program_data.dat" from the DSP guy, convert it to data statements, include it in

my .asm program, then use I2C to send the contents to the AD device.

After talking to Brett, I realized this would not work.

I looked at all the files in the integration example, and could not make much sense out of them.

My preference is to make the loading automatic and not have to massage the assembly code if the DSP code changes,

by using the include feature.  If multiple files are necessary, that is not a problem.  If any required sub-addresses

are embedded in this file that need to be handled in the I2C routines, that is not a problem.

I just cannot get my head around what needs to be done to load the DSP.

Has anyone done this, or can someone help me make sense out of this?