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PC Application to talk to ADuCM350EBZ

Question asked by larryvarn on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2017 by mark.ramos

I'd like to create a PC-based application, to process and display data from the ADUCM350EBZ.

I'm using the 2-wire impedance measurement example, which works OK inside IAR Workbench, as a starting point.

I would like it to start on its own (i.e. no debugger) and communicate to PC, probably using the CDC USB.   I had hoped the same output from printfs in the application that show up on the debugger's terminal, could show up in terminal application on the PC.   Then maybe later get the PC sending commands to the ADuCM350EBZ.

Can you please provide guidance how best to do this.    Maybe its just a matter of getting the linker options right in the project?    Should i use the USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ module, or the USB port on the Eval-ADUCM350EBZ?