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Same function by using same pcb deign for AD8001&AD8000

Question asked by coyoo on Jun 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by coyoo

Hello Guys,


We were testing on AD8001 and AD8000, and got good result. Now our engineers are design final circuits.There are several things need you help:

1. I read ADI's user guide - UG-755, and got this evaluation board's pcb files. I checked the pcb file in CAM350, and confirm  that this Eva board doesn't implement ground plane removal. Could you give me some explanation about this? For both AD8001 and AD8000 datasheet recommend customer removing ground under chips.


2. According UG-755, maybe we can design one schematic design to make AD8000&AD8001 (same SO-8 package) compatible. Which means that we can use AD8000 or AD8001 to realized same function in our futrue production. You know, sometimes it's not easy to purchase one type chip. Design like that make us one more optional choise. Question is that why two 0 ohm resistors (R5&R6) were place between output pin (pin6) and feedback pin(pin1). Is one resistor ok? For example, i delete R5 or R6.