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High Slew Rate and High Voltage OPAMP

Question asked by avraka on Jun 25, 2017
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Dear ADIer

My customer is trying to generate a square wave that vary +/- 10V within 200nS. The square wave signal is provided through a DAQ card(AD-DMCDAQ2 on Xilinx Z706) but the card does not support DC current due to High pass transformer filter as shown below.

Please review my suggestion to get the required square wave.

Your comment will be very helpful to me.

1) Eliminate T4, T13, C44

2) Place 0ohm resister between Pin1 and Pin6 of T4 and Pin4 and Pin1 of T13

3) Current from DAC to Voltage Conversion. And then amplify this small signal using ADA4870

4) AD4637-1 can be replaced by AD844 which has good slew rate and is for current DAC driver.

5) The required output current is only 20mA. So I am not sure that ADA4870 is over spec. or not.