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SPIB DMA Complete Interrupt problem on ADSP-21469

Question asked by mikewolak on Jun 25, 2017
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I've setup a quick test issuing non-chained DMA controlled SPI transfer on an ADSP-21469 Ezboard. The code repeatedly sends a small buffer over the SPIB interface and I've verified this is working fine. I'd like to trigger a DMA complete ISR but it's not firing. I'm using VisualDSP 5.1.2 and I've verified global interrupts are enabled, P18IMSK is unmasked in the LIRPTL register, and I can see the P18I interrupt being latched after every transfer when stepping through the code. I suspect that the way I am registering the ISR, using "interrupts(SPILI,spi_isr); " is incorrect but I can't be certain as all other examples I've seen were in assembler and I'm not yet up to speed on SHARC assembly. Attached is a copy of the C code I've thrown together, is there anything wrong with my setup code?




Mike Wolak