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ADE9078 Waveform after Phase Calibration

Question asked by MaurizioBianchi@PwrEng.IT on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2017 by MaurizioBianchi@PwrEng.IT

I performed a full calibration of ADE9078 (voltage gain, current gain, power gain, phase compansation). The chip performs quite well, we use 3 small 800:1 Current Transformers hence we compensated a 5.4° phase difference successfully and now we read mostly 0.9999-1.0000 Power Factor on all phases with pure resistive loads, everything as expected. 
However when we get the waveform samples form the waveform buffer, using the resampled option, I'm wondering why we get the voltage and current with the 5.4° delay not compensated (so we need to shift the voltage or current manually to remove the difference in our data), so I'm wondering why this operation is not performed by the chip automatically as it knows the phase difference due to CT. At present if I will ever read a phase difference in the future I will never know how much of the phase difference is due to the current transformer and how much is due to the load. Is there any way to avoid that? The alternative is to store somewhere the 5.4° and then shift manually the data from WFB to correct the CT phase error, but it's not a clean and professional solution.