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Configuration antenna EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ

Question asked by GTG_I+D on Jun 23, 2017
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we are working with two EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ. We use in each one a Microchip PIC24FJ64GA004 Family.

The communication with SPI don't have problem because we read and write in the different memories.


We have configured the two devices with the values for GFSK/FSK packet like in the page 67.

We configured the frequency channel at 2407 MHz and the data rate at 250 kbps.


We stablish the communication with the two device, but the configuration seems not to work as well as it's supposed to do, just because we only get a good reception over 1-2 meters. Too far from 100 meters for a 250 kbps data rate transmission specified at Analog Devices web.


We suspect that we have an error in the configuration of the antenna in the evaluation board. We don't use an external power amplifier, so we put the parameters in the register as follow:

- (0x3AA) extpa_msc, Field pa_pwr = 15

- (0x36E) pa_bias, Field pa_bias_ctrl = 63

- (0x3A8) pa_cfg, Field pa_bridge_dbias = 21

- (0x3A7) pa_rr, Field pa_ramp_rate = 0


It's correct that configuration?

There are any other register for the configuration of the antenna?


At the file attached you'll find all the register as are set in the EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ.


Thank you very much.