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ADZS BF 548 Ethernet ISR

Question asked by amar26121993 on Jun 23, 2017
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Hi everybody


Iam using ADZS BF 548 evaluation board, i am using ethernet in my application in my project,SMSC LAN 9218 IC is the ethernet chip present in the board, iam able to transmit and receive UDP packet, but the problem is once the ISR finishes the program flow is again going to Ethernet ISR!!!always my code stays in ethernet ISR!!!!


I configured the Ethernet RX interrupt ,i.e Receive FIFO evel Interrupt,with 60bytes i.e when 60 bytes came to my fifo interrupt has to occur.if i configure for more then 60bytes Starting ARP packet iam unable to receive?


How can i avoid my code for not being in an interrupt always?


its in Emergency

thanks for the reply in advance


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