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Use AD9361 to delay a signal

Question asked by GGattacker on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by GGattacker

Hello, everyone!

   I am the first time user of AD9361 and I built HDL and was able to run the default main.c following the instructions online. But right now, I find it hard to simply output the signal that the board receives. The way I tried is as followed: 

   1. I define the DAC_DMA and CAPTURE_SCRIPT

   2. I use a for loop to copy the data starts from CF_AD9361_RX_DMA_BASEADDRADC_DDR_BASEADDR to CF_AD9361_TX_DMA_BASEADDR + DAC_DDR_BASEADDR 

   3. I change the value stored in Length Register to be the size of sampling. 


Also, does anyone know the way to delay the signal? My boss says I could make a buffer to delay it but I saw a tx_data_delay under  Digital Interface Control and aux_dac_tx_delay_us under AuxDAC Control in the default setting. Is this useful? Or should I just make a buffer?