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Streaming example with 2T [TX1A, TX2A] FMCOMMS2

Question asked by ENGINEER on Jun 22, 2017
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i took ad9361-iiostream.c as example


from this step , i modified following


printf("* Configuring AD9361 for streaming\n");
assert(cfg_ad9361_streaming_ch(ctx, &txcfg, TX, 0) && "RX port 0 not found");
assert(cfg_ad9361_streaming_ch(ctx, &txcfg, TX, 1) && "TX port 0 not found");


printf("* Initializing AD9361 IIO streaming channels\n");
assert(get_ad9361_stream_ch(ctx, RX, tx, 0, &tx0_i) && "TX chan i not found");
assert(get_ad9361_stream_ch(ctx, RX, tx, 1, &tx0_q) && "TX chan q not found");
assert(get_ad9361_stream_ch(ctx, TX, tx, 2, &tx0_i) && "TX chan i not found");
assert(get_ad9361_stream_ch(ctx, TX, tx, 3, &tx0_q) && "TX chan q not found");


printf("* Enabling IIO streaming channels\n");


in above case, i see transmission with only TX2A, when i comment out the bold lines, tranmission happens only on TX1A. 


Do i need to create seperate buffer for TX2A or can i associate same buffer txbuf to TX2A as well.


i couldn't find any examples, plz let me know if you have one?


meanwhile, i tried txbuf1 [new tx buffer cyclic] and it asserts [may be since i have already created cyclic buffer txbuf]. plz help.