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ADV7513/ADV7611 BKSV Readback

Question asked by gwoods Employee on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by MikeOC

Hi, please can you help with the following question...


Currently I am testing read-back of BKSV data to the ADV7513 Tx chip using the ADV7611 Rx chip as a BKSV source.


When I read the BKSV registers in the ADV7611 (Repeater register map) I get the following data back:


Addr    Data


0x00 – 0x64

0x01 – 0xDE

0x02 – 0x8B

0x03 – 0x3A

0x04 – 0xC2


However, when I read-back the BKSV registers in the ADV7513 (Main Memory Map) I get the following data back.


Addr    Data


0xBF – 0xC2

0xC0 – 0x3A

0xC1 – 0X8B

0xC2 – 0xDE

0xC3 – 0x64


This seems to be the reversal of what I was expecting from the ADV7513 registers in conjunction with the ADV7611 registers as both devices state the same byte order in their respective datasheet.


I have also read-back 0xB8 of the ADV7513 (Main Memory Map) and confirmed this is 0x00 (no errors reading the BKSV keys).


In summary I am still unsure as to why the byte ordering does not tie up between the 2 devices for BKSV read-back during HDCP authentication?