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Problem with the AD9371 Filter Wizard

Question asked by yaelrvl on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by sripad



I have a problem when I try to generate a specific profile. The details about the profile I want to generate are just below.

So, as you can see the Filter Wizard succeeded to generate the profile I wanted. BUT, when I click on "Output profiles to File", the TX Fir coefficients are completely absent in the generated profile file, which makes the profile unrecognized by IIO Oscilloscope later. I attached the profile below.

Besides, when I try to generate another profile with a 61.44 Msps and a bandwidth of 48.5 MHz everything is OK.


I think the problem comes from the bandwidth of 27 MHz. Can you explain me why I can't have 27 MHz please?


PS : I use the latest version of the Filter Wizard exe.