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EVAL-SSM2529Z V1.0 Stopped playing audio from the TORX connector

Question asked by bgiles on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by galvinpjg

I am evaluating the SSM2529 for our design. I found the quick start guide lacking in detail and a couple of issues with the images and configuration of the jumpers. I was able to get this unit running by checking the schematic to verify which jumpers need to be setup. I was playing audio from a Blu-Ray player via the Digital Audio (TORX) jack.


In order to get the audio working I had to change the Sample Rate Selection on the Interface tab to 32KHz then make sure the Master Software Powerdown on the Chip Control tab was set to Normal Operation. This worked a couple of times but now I can't get any audio out.


The documentation for the EVAL-SSM2529Z kit doesn't provide any details about the different tabs or their main functions. There is no troubleshooting information. I've tried resetting the registers and Software resetting the device.


The Chip Control Tab has a section called Auto Detected Sample Rate and it is displaying a message "Wrong Sample Rate", see attached Chip Control Tab.png. I connected a logic analyzer to verify the LRCLK (ie the Sample Rate) and data coming from the Blu-Ray player. It is running at 48.01kHz, see attached AD_I2S.png. I switch the Sample Rate Selection to "44.1kHz 48kHz" and pressed the Write All button with no change.


I can't figure out why it worked for a couple of times and now it no longer works. I have three of these EVKs and tried it on 2 of the 3 and neither seem to work. If some one has better documentation than what was given to me for this eval kit or an idea of how to troubleshoot this part I would appreciate some feedback.


I've attached the following screenshots:

  • Interface Tab.png : Screenshot of SigmaStudio 3.14
  • Chip Control Tab.png : Screenshot of SigmaStudio 3.14
  • AD_I2S.png : Screenshot of Saleae Logic Pro USB analyzer output
    • MCLK = 12.5MHz
    • BLK  = 3.03MHz
    • LRCLK = 48.01kHz.