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AD9371: Reduced LTE BW from 5MHz to 1MHz, Setting Tx Bw for 5MHz and sampling Frequency for 122.88MHz

Question asked by Abhisheknaik on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by sripad

Hello Team,

                 We are transmitting LTE 5MHz samples using xilinx zc706 + AD9371. But getting output of 1MHz at Tx1 port of ad9371.

PFA of Filter wizard profile, 5MHzIQsample.txt, Spectrum analyser screenshot.

Following are settings:

LTE signal of 5MHz sampled at 7.68 MSPS

DUC: 5MHz(Baseband: 7.68 MSPS) upsampled to 122.88MSPS



Settings at AD9371:

Filter Wizard profile : Tx iqrate 122.88MHz

                                    Tx BW 5MHz

                                    Device clock 122.88MHz


Kindly Let us know any additional setting to be done to get 5MHz at AD9371 Tx1 port...



Abhishek Naik