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SPI interfacing of ADA2200 SDP Evaluation Board

Question asked by Neehal_Lingayat on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by mhollauer


I want to interface ADA2200SDP evaluation board using 3 wire SPI protocol with ADuCm360 controller. For that, I solder the 3 wires onto the board as shown in attached image files.


Three wires are as below.

1. SCLK = Yellow

2.  CS = Red

3. SDIO = Orange

Other wires are not used. so kindly don't consider them.

1) Is this the correct way to 3 Wire SPI interface Eval Board to the micro-controller?

2) I am using ACE software for debugging purpose of checking if the data received or not by ADA200. Is this correct way to check the data received or not?

3) I have also attached the master code(ADuCm360) for SPI communication for your reference.


For Checking purpose I have done this communication with arduino using same code, but it is not working with ADA2200, as I have been checking values of registers using ACE software but it is showing me only 00 in all registers.