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ADF5355 : Calculation of MOD2 & FRAC2

Question asked by AkiraO on Jun 21, 2017
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I have a question about a calculation of a value of MOD2 and FRAC2 of ADF5355.


We can see the calculation method of them in the datasheet of ADF5355 (page 16 ~ 17 and page 34). On the other hand, we can get the value of MOD2 and FRAC2 from GUI of ADF5355 Evaluation Board Control Software by Automatic mode.


However, we got different value of MOD2 and FRAC2 from the calculation result by the datasheet and GUI software. Could you please advise me the reason of it? I understand there are many combinations of MOD2 and FRAC2 for getting same output frequency of VCO.  But, I think we should get same value of MOD2 and FRAC2 by calculate same method.

Does the GUI software use different way from the datasheet of ADF5355?


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