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ADUC845 Download

Question asked by vishal4a3 on Oct 13, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by EckartH

Hi Folks,



I designed an ADUC845 board as it is given in the schematic of EVAL-ADUC845QS schematic for, Drawn by: Pat sheahan, and checked by: Brian Moss


i am getting getting strucked at communication with PC , i.e i am not able to Dump any Program onto the board,  i designed the board for 52Pin ADUC845 but the schematic given is for 56pin , in that we have AIN9, AIN10, AGND,VGND, these are the four extra pins from 52pin configuration , i didnt used these pins,  i am sending the schematic of 56 pin configuration ADUC845 along with this Question please go through it and help me in this issue,