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Wrong color out of AD9889B device

Question asked by Blomman on Oct 12, 2011
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can anyone explain to me how to set up the color space converter in the AD8998B device in a correct way. I get wrong color out of the device.

I have SDR 444 24-bits RGB in to the device and want to put the same out. First I tryed with the csc disabled with no luck and then I tryed to set the csc mode register 0x17 [4:3] to 0b00 and enable the csc by setting register 0x3B [0] to 0b1 and then used the coeffcients in table 38, "Identity Matrix (Input=Output)", on page 37 in the programming guide but I still got wrong colors out on my PC-monitor. Im using a DVI testpattern generator as input source so I can send for example a tradionell color bar and and grey scale bar. In the grey scale bar it's very easy to see that the conversion is wrong.        I got colors in some of the grey stripps!

Have anyone implemented a RGB in to RGB out on this device? Please, help me cause I'm stucked!


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