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need to loopfilter for my application(with PLL ADF4158)

Question asked by wizmy on Jun 20, 2017
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hi. all

my application is FMCW radar.

i have a few questions for PLL ADF4158


---------------- detail spec --------------------------

PLL+VCO(ADF4158 + HMC738)

PLL Ref.clk : 40 MHz

Freq. 20.3~22.3 GHz, Bandwidth 2 GHz

Sweep type : Triangle

Total period : 111.2 us (Up 55.6 us / Down 55.6 us)

IF Freq. : 60 kHz ~ 2.5 MHz



Q.1. Loopfilter RC Value

Loopfilter 3rd order/Passive filter(with fastlock Topology 2. ADF4158 datasheet P.32)

i need to text, image, ADIsimPLL save file.. anything.

Q.2. Calculate Lock-time

What is the Lock-time required for my application?