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What are the inputs to LwIP's init_stack() function?

Question asked by MattZ on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by MattZ

Hi All,


I'm working on a custom board with uses a BF537 and LwIP. I understand that I need to call `init_stack()` and my program's basic functionality seems to be working. I am now trying to optimize my system's performance when sending a lot of data over ethernet. I noticed in the `lwip_sysboot_threadtype.c` code:

/* Initialze the stack with user specified configuration priority -3 and
* poll period of p_period msec. The stack is allocated a memory buffer as well.

ether_stack_block = (char *) malloc ( ETHER_STACK_SIZE );

init_stack ( 3, p_period, ETHER_STACK_SIZE, ether_stack_block );

I've been unable to find any further documentation describing the inputs. Specifically, I'm interested in understanding what is "priority" and "poll period". Can anyone point me to the documentation?


Thanks in advance