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ADAU1372 on Beaglebone Black

Question asked by buzmeg on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by larsc

I'm trying to compile the ADAU1372 modules for the Beaglebone Black and not having much luck.  I noted that the supposedly mainlined ADAU1373 didn't pop up as an option in my menuconfig, either, so I figured I finally needed to ask folks here as I'm clearly not doing something right.


To compile, I do the following (I'm on Ubuntu 16.10, but that shouldn't be that important since this is a cross compile):


git clone
cd ti-linux-kernel-dev
git checkout tags/4.4.54-ti-r93
git checkout -b 4.4.54-ti-r93-adau1372

After letting that grind away a bit and getting all of the prerequisites downloaded, a "make menuconfig" window pops up.  When I go down into "Device Drivers"->"Sound card support"->"Advanced Linux Sound Architecture"->"ALSA for SoC audio support"->"CODEC drivers"  I see that neither the ADAU1372 that I tried to add nor the ADAU1373 which is supposed to be mainlined are present.


Where and how do I add the adau1372 modules in order to get them to compile?