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TVI and CVBS MUX in the same chip

Question asked by ecoli-557 on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by ecoli-557

I am trying to update a product in which we multiplex CVBS signals into a 1 of n selection.

I would like to update the design to route TVI signals as well as CVBS signals.

In our testing, we find that if all of the cameras are CVBS it works as it is designed.  Also, if I use all TVI cameras, it works as it was designed (using CVBS cameras).

However, when I have a mixture of CVBS and TVI cameras, the switching sometimes just produces a blue screen on the monitor - no doubt from the monitor not being able to display what it is receiving.


I am currently using an older Maxim part, but am anxious to move to Analog Devices for the solution.  I have also designed an 16x8 crosspoint switch using an Analog device (AD8112) and I liked it much better.  I will also need to modify the existing 16x8 crosspoiint to handle a mixture of CVBS and TVI cameras in the future.


What chip should I select for this task?