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Fpass and Fstop frequency adjustment matlab filter design wizard ad9361

Question asked by harshaEZ on Jun 19, 2017
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I need support regarding adjusting Fpass and Fstop frequencies in filter design wizard


In RF the signal is between 1087 – 1093MHz

After downconversion it is with LO=1020MHz it is between 87Mz – 93MHz.


Assuming 200MHz ADC Clock Fs/2 is 100MHz.

Therefore the stop should be 77MHz and pass 93MHz.


However in the AD9361 matlab filter design wizard settings  the minimum Fpass that I can give is 0.1 Mhz anfd the maximum f stop that I can give is 0.9 Mhz


I s there a possible way where I can adjust the frequecies out of this range say from 0.1 to 8 Mhz please let me know.