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We are evaluating HMC1084LC4 with evaluation board

Question asked by Mochi on Jun 19, 2017
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We are evaluating SP4T switch, HMC1084LC4 with ADI's evaluation board.
Attach is the result of insertion loss at each port. The path of COM-P1
is much bigger than the other path.
We measured this data by terminating the unselected port.
 Why the path of COM-P1 is bigger than the others?


 Below is the additional information about SP4T switch evaluation result.
Return Loss of Port1 is not good as well as the insertion loss of it.
The other ports except Port1 are same as the datasheet's value.
 Return Loss @ 28GHz
 P1(P1 selected): -5.2dB
 P2(P2 selected): -13.1dB
 P3(P3 selected): -13.1dB
 P4(P4 selected): -15.4dB
 Insertion Loss @ 28GHz
 COM-P1: -6.3dB
 COM-P2: -4.2dB
 COM-P3: -4.1dB
 COM-P4: -3.8dB


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