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About  ADAU1761 DSP Control in Linux

Question asked by zhuangqiong on Jun 18, 2017
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I have been able to control the ADAU1761 through the MCU, including  various functions in DSP. Now I want to control ADAU1761 in Linux, especially modules in DSP. For example, I have used the notch filter in DSP, and now I want to change the notch frequency in Linux. What should I do?


I have exported .xml file, created the binary file(adau1761.bin) and built it into kernel. Referring to other posts, the register settings are not part of the firmware file. It only contains the DSP program. All other configuration settings are handled by the driver and can be configured using the ALSA mixer API.

But how I control the module parameters of DSP in Linux ??


Thank you!