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AD9833 Vout voltage

Question asked by tothadam1 on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by musach

Hi All!


How can I calculate the Vout voltage of AD9833? I found the equation in the datasheet but some data are missing from the datasheet.

Here is the equation:

VOUT = VREF × 18 × RLOAD / RSET × (1 + (SIN (2π (FREQREG × fMCLK × t/2^28 + PHASEREG / 2^12))))



VREF? VDD or something else?
t? signal period or something else?

If I connect the DDS to the follower opamp and the RSET  = 6.8kOhm then Vout = 0.65V? Because the RLOAD is very high and the Vout max = 0.65V if the RSET = 6.8kOhm because the datasheet said Voutmax = 0.65V if the RSET = 6.8kOhm.



Sorry My english is not perfect.