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ad9361:relationship between tx power and tx attenuation words

Question asked by Enable on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by sripad


   We are now experiencing a problem is ad9361 output power is very small, when I adjust the transmitter attenuation when the following  problem (our ad9361 using 1R1T):

   set the transmitter attenuation value, the register is 0x73 and 0x74. When the attenuation value is in the range of 0x0 to 0x65, the output power is positively correlated with the attenuation value, that is, the larger the attenuation value is, the larger the output power is. When the attenuation value is greater than 0x65 on the contrary, that is, the greater the attenuation value, the smaller the output power.

   Hope your answer