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AD9361 initialization error using FMCOMMS3 board

Question asked by CScarpa on Jun 16, 2017
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I am very new to Zynq and the ADI9361, so please forgive my ignorance, but I need some help.


I am trying to get a ZC702 board to work with an AD-FMCOMMS3 board.  I have successfully download the latest and used the make file to build the project in FMCOMMS2/zc702, using Vivado 2015.4.  I then proceeded and downloaded the latest no-OS-master software repository, and successfully compiled the software for the adi9361.  In SDK I uncommented out in the config.h file the lines for CONSOLE_COMMANDS and XILINX_PLATFORM.  I built the project, downloaded the bit file, ran the SW executable and what I see in my terminal window is


adi9361_init : Unsupported PRODUCT_ID 0x0ad9361_init : AD936x initialization error

this is followed by a long list of help  commands available.


I have the FMCOMMS3 board connected to the J3 FMC connector on the ZC702. Power is present on the FMCOMMS3 board.


Can someone give me a clue how to resolve this issue.