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ADE7763 Energy measurement error

Question asked by getfast_kiran on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by aheredia


I have doubt regarding the ADE7763 based measurement of Active and Apparent energy registers.

As the load tend to move away from the unity power factor. The reading of the apparent energy register the 

ADE 7763 value being send becomes less than that of the active energy register and hence resulting in power

factor over 1, which is not possible in according to theory. So can any of you suggest me what must I be doing wrong while reading the same.


Here is the part where I read the registers,


Preal = getActiveEnergyLineSync(); // Read active power register
Preal = (Preal)*0.03853;
Pap = getApparentEnergyLineSync(); // Read apparent power register
PF =Preal/Pap; // Calculate power factor
Here the constants 0.03853 and 0.039786 are used for the calibration of the same based on known value of current,voltage,power and PF.


Kindly can anyone of you explain to me what all mistakes I have made over here and how to correct the same.

Thanks in advance.