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AD9371 Getting Started

Question asked by steview on Jun 16, 2017
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ADRV9371-W/PCBZ + ZC706 getting started


We have purchased the latest AD9371 eval board and latest ZC706 Xilinx card. We have a few issues

We want to get the quick start IIO Scope running to start RF characterising the device.


1. The 2015_R2 SD card will not boot up.

2. The 2016 rev 2 TES card will boot up - with no HDMI cable connected. With the HDMI cable connected it will not boot up. To be fair this sounds like a Xilinx board issue. Has anyone else seen this? It is the very latest ZC706 version. Note it works with a full 42 inch HD TV, but with any monitor we get LEDs illuminated on the ZC706 even when no power connected, so power Is leaking through the HDMI somehow.


However What is the difference between these 2 cards? Why will one boot up - and I see the boot up on the serial UART? The other one, I do not even get a DONE flag.