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Problem with libIIO and Matlab for AIDV9371

Question asked by Koushik_Kashyap on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by Koushik_Kashyap

Hi! I am basically using ADRV 9371 Xilix ZYNQ to connect to Matlab intrface.

 I am getting an error after my device is being detected by the host but it is not able to detect the device name (I guess).

Following is the output I am getting so far,

libiio_if: Connected to IP ###############
libiio_if: Remote libiio version: 0.8, (git-c48c08a)
libiio_if: Local libiio version: 0.5, (git-bd333d7)
libiio_if: Found 1 devices in the system


after that I am getting an error window,

the error comes from the following lines in libiio_if.m

% Detect if the targeted device is installed
dev_found = 0;
for i = 0 : nb_devices - 1
dev = calllib(obj.libname, 'iio_context_get_device', obj.iio_ctx, i);
name = calllib(obj.libname, 'iio_device_get_name', dev);
if(strcmp(name, dev_name))
obj.iio_dev = dev;
dev_found = 1;
clear dev;