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Synchronization of 4 ch for AD-FMMCOMMS5

Question asked by Kaos on Jun 15, 2017
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Hi Analog Expert,

Can you answer about this ?

That's right or not for my questions?





Dear Sir/Madam,


Our customer asked as following 2 questions to us.


1)The way of synchronization between channel and channel:
Following your EZ shows that push the calibrate button for synchronize 4ch.

But customer did not catch the synchronization in spite of pushing the calibrate button.
ch-1 and ch-2 were same phase also ch-3 and ch-4 were same phase.
But those set(ch-1,ch-2 and ch-3,ch-4) were different phase.
So please let us know the way of synchronization all channels at one time.
When the setting freq of Tx and Rx are not same freq, the calibration fail, is this your specification or not?

Here is my additional figure.

Here is my additional fig.


2)The frequency setting of Tx/Rx:
Your evalboard output the fixed frequency on Rx signal if we set the same freq for Tx/Rx.
Is this your specification? or not?


Thanks Kaos