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ADRV9371+ZC706 bringup - No DONE flag with HDMI connected

Question asked by steview on Jun 15, 2017
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ADRV9371+ZC706 Getting Started




We have just purchased ADRV9371 and a new ZC706. We have followed the Getting Started Wiki but we hare having a problem, possibly related to the HDMI connection on the ZC706.


With the HDMI cable plugged in we only sometimes get the TES SD card to get to the DONE Flag lit part. There is never a display. Without the HDMI cable connected the DONE flag consistently lights and we get travelling LEDs. No disply when we plug in HDMI cable.


The othee SD Card 2015_R2 will not get us to the DONE flag with or without the HDMI cable connected.


Interestingly with no power and the HDMI cable connected there are some LEDs on the ZC706 lit up! This does not sound right to me.


It is a new ZC706 board so we are wondering whether there is a support issue with the AD software?


If anyone else has this setup I'd like to know how to debug it. Does your ZC706 have some LEDs on when no power but the monitor connected?