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Problem with FMCOMMS1 parameter settings

Question asked by daxez12 on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by mhennerich

Hi, I'm working with the AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ on a Zedboard. And I did an Out-Of-Tree block in GNU Radio capable of connecting to it remotely. The problem is making the receiver show something in 671 MHz, I've tried to use the IIO Oscilloscope to make sure the problem were my settings but the result was the same, actually, I used the receive chain from the FMComms 1 Plugin to set the parameters in my OOT receiver, so I'm pretty sure the parameters should be fine.


I've checked the antenna is working with a MATLAB program from another person, so there is not the problem. Besides, the transmitter works fine, I sent a signal to a FMCOMMS2 and it received the signal correctly.


So my question is if there's something wrong with using the configuration from IIO Oscilloscope provides or I need to do something more to get it right.


The settings are this:

  • cf-ad9643-core-lpc
    • in_voltage_sampling_frequency=10 MHz
  • ad8366-lpc
    •  voltage0
      • out_voltage0_hardwaregain=20.0
    • voltage1
      • out_voltage1_hardwaregain=20.0
  • adf4351-rx-lpc
    • altvoltage0
      • out_altvoltage0_powerdown=1
      • out_altvoltage0_frequency=671 MHz
      • out_altvoltage0_refin_frequency=122.8 MHz