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ADV7511W: No color variation on monitor

Question asked by ashish@traana on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by MikeOC


When checking the registers i have found that "HDMI clock termination not detected" (register 0x42[5]).Hot plug is detected (constant connection).BTW - I am testing the bad units under the same cable set and display (just replacing the pcb that contains the ADV7511W). Below mentioned registers, which is read out: 

Reg(0x98): 0x3
Reg(0x9A): 0xE0
Reg(0x9C): 0x30
Reg(0x9D): 0x61
Reg(0xA2): 0xA4
Reg(0xA3): 0xA4
Reg(0xA1): 0x0
Reg(0x15): 0x0
Reg(0x16): 0x61
Reg(0x18): 0x46
Reg(0x40): 0x80
Reg(0x41): 0x1
Reg(0x4C): 0x26
Reg(0x3E): 0x0
Reg(0x42): 0xD0
Reg(0xC6): 0x12
Reg(0xAF): 0x16
Reg(0xE0): 0xD0
Reg(0xF9): 0x0
Reg(0x17): 0x2
Reg(0x96): 0xE0
Reg(0xD6): 0x0
Reg(0x7F): 0x0


I am not seeing any image / Color variation on monitor? Where can be problem??