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Filter Wizard: Unable to create a profile

Question asked by Abhisheknaik on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by Vinod

Hello Everyone,

             I have some query on AD9371 Filter Wizard and AD9371 TES.

1> I have installed AD9371 Filter Wizard. I trying to create a profile for following values (I got these values for AD9371 datasheet Table 8, pg no. 57).

Tx/Tx Synthesis/
Rx Bandwidth (MHz)
Tx Input
Rate (MSPS)
Rx Output
Rate (MSPS)
Reference Clock(MHz)

But Filter wizard's device clock drop down menu  is NOT giving device clock option as 122.88. I don't want to change my device clock as our custom board is almost ready. Now how can I create a profile for above values?



Thanks and Regards,

Abhishek Naik