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Drawing Text Characters with YUV16 (4:2:2) for ADV7611 and ADV7511

Question asked by Sercan on Jun 13, 2017
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I am using Zedboard (adv7511 hdmi output) and Digilent's HDMI-FMC daugther card (adv7611 hdmi input).


  * Adv7611 is programmed to give YUV16, 4:2:2 video data to the Zynq's PL side.

  * Inside the FPGA, an image generation module is working with the Hdmi-Clk output of the 7611 and this modelu gets the 16 bit Y1Cb data at the first clock cycle and the 16 bit Y2Cr data at the second.

  * Simple text characters are generated with this clock source in RED color. By just sending the Y1Cb or Y2Cr datas at their clock cycle.


Resolution is 1920x1080p.


But, I guess, there is a constraint that:

When 1st byte is RED_Y1Cb, 2nd byte needs to be RED_Y2Cr.

So, in order to draw RED characters by resolution becomes 1920/2 x 1080/2 or 1920/2 x 1080

960 x 540   or   980 x 540

(Additionally as i understand ADV7511 and 7611 uses the 4 pixels YUV16 compressed data so, i have to use 980 x 540 resolution.)

This makes my text characters are not smooth enough for big texts.


--- Here is an explanation:


So, i cannot be able to use 1920x1080 resolution and i have to draw images with 960x540 which makes characters un-smooth.


Does any one can offer me if i have another option to get smooth characters with using ADV7611 and 7511?

For ex: A different way.


For ex: Different color datas like   Pixel-1's Y1Cb1Cr1,   Pixel-2's Y2,   Pixel-3's Y3Cb3Cr3, Pixel-4's Y4

instead of original RED color datas.


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