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AD9265-FMC-125EBZ Schematic

Question asked by marcomercuri on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by marcomercuri

Hi all,


I just got my AD9265-FMC-125EBZ Eval Card. I have three questions:



In my application, I need to provide the clock through my FPGA. In doing so I want to use the J201 CLKIN SMA connector. Looking at the board and/or schematic, it seems that the "default" configuration is the "Optional Oscillator" Y200. Can you please help me removing or inserting the proper components to enable the external CLK IN?


If I understood correctly, I should:

- remove R200 to disable Y200;

- remove R18 to disable Y200 path;


Which other "DNI' components should I add?




2) AIN

I'm thinking to use AIN. Can I use as in this initial configuration or should I add some "DNI" components?


3) AIN Dynamic Range

Which is the AIN dynamic range? I mean max input Vpp voltage and input frequency range. 




Best Regards,