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Info related to release of Wide-band components

Question asked by MiTfreak on Jun 13, 2017
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Currently I am working on specification of platform for UWB prototyping. Platform should support data acquisition of signals with RF bandwidth of 1GHz, and frequency range from 500MHz- 4.5GHz (or ideally 6GHz) . I managed to find some of the components for my system, however I am struggling with RF part. 


1. I planned to use Zynq ZC706 or Zynq Ultrascale ZCU102 boards for base-band processing. 

2. I also found that AD-FMCDAQ2 ( ) could support data acquisition.


However, up until now I did not manage to find RF front-end which would support signals with 1GHz BW. I found components which I could use to make my own RF front end, still I would like to avoid this. 


On analog devices github repository I found ongoing project folders related to FMCOMMS7 and FMCOMMS11 board. I see that:


1. FMCOMMS7 board is using AD9680 and AD9144 (same as AD-FMCDAQ2). Could you please provide me information do you plan to integrate RF components on FMCOMMS7 and will they support 1GHz BW? Could you also provide me information when you plan to release this board?


2. FMCOMMS11 baord is using AD9625 and AD9162. Based on data sheets I see that these are high sampling ADC and DAC. Could you provide me some information about this board and when it will be released?


3. Also for me it would be useful to know when do you plan to release ADRF6822 and ADL5383 demodulators?



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