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The ADXRS453 chip retrieves the angular velocity data problem

Question asked by CaoYu on Jun 12, 2017

Hello, I am using the STM32 singlechip and the eva-adxrs453z gyroscope module for data interaction, and the spi interface is 2.6mhz.I sent a 0x20000003 instruction and three 0x2000000 instructions in order to initialize it in accordance with the order of instructions given in the official reference code.The ADXRS453SingleRead (PID1) statement is then sent to retrieve its ID value.Finally, start sending 0x2000000 instructions to get its angular velocity data.But unfortunately, feedback is always 0 xe3ffffffff (0.012500 ° / s).It doesn't change with the rotation of the module.What is the reason for this?