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Configuring AD7606 for serial interface

Question asked by MSPark on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by NiallM

I am attempting to use the AD7606. I have configured the board for serial output.

The test results show that the EOC(End of Conversion) is HIGH for 600us after inputting the CONVST signal.

 Initial conditions are as follows:  


Avcc                5.01
Vdrive                3.30
OS[2:0]            High
\STBY            High
RANGE            Low    for using +/-5V
CONVST            High
RESET            Low
SCLK                Low
\CS                Low
FRSTDATA            Low
DB[13:9] & DB[6:0]        tied to Analog ground

DB[15:14] & DB[6:0]        tied to ground



Add the configured circuit.