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Question asked by ANGAMUTHU on Jun 12, 2017
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HI, 1. MDK-Lite  Version:  i installed this above version one year back start development using ADuc7060 micro controller the project was completed. Now i need to use ADuCM360 micro controller for other project... so i installed following additional packages .. 1. ADuCM360KeilUpdateForMDKv454 2.MDKCM523. if i,m compile this (Keil_v5\ARM\Boards\ADI\EVAL-ADuCM360MKZ\Blinky) eval project it's compile without any problem. if i'm creating the new project and compile with normal C function its works fine. if I type the ADuCM360 SFR and compile it will shown following error ...blink.c(13): error:  #20: identifier "GP2SET" is undefined.       why its happen like this? in ADuC7060 controller based project direct SFR access work fine in this same compiler setting.     please share the customized example code (no need EVALBOARD code) for ADuCM360. here i have attached screenshot for that testing. Regards, ANGANUTHU MUTHAIAH Senior Engineer – Embedded software Design Crouse-Hinds Division, MTL Products Eaton MTL Instruments Pvt. Ltd. #36, Nehru Street, OMR, Shollinganallur Chennai – 600 119, India.