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ADAU1452 + AD1939 Solution - Need assistance please.

Question asked by Nando.One on Jun 9, 2017
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I am currently working on a solution with the ADAU1452 and the AD1939. The AD1939 is in SPI mode and connected to USBi, along with the ADAU1452. The USBi can read and write both devices successfully and the DSP responds to sigma studio, as I can visualize on the oscilloscope a signal coming out of the SDATA_OUT0 when I enable the sine tone. 


I have previously worked on a similar ADAU1442 + AD1938 solution and got it to work successfully, hence how I chose the newer more capable parts for this design. But it's been a little bit of a struggle. 


I find a little strange that I can't seem to make all four "SDATA_OUT0" to "SDATA_OUT3" work. Maybe I am missing something? With the attached sigma studio test, I got the OUT0 and OUT1 to work. LRCLOCK and BITCLOCK are working as well. Still I have no output on the AD1939 whatsoever, I've looked all over the CODEC control registers and I can't find anything wrong. I am assuming both devices defaults to I2S. I am thinking of modifying my prototype so the AD1939 is used as standalone, just for the sake of testing. Also I found the DSP to show a "PM-1 Error" flag sometimes, not always though. 


I've attached my schematic here as well, I'd sincerely appreciate assistance.


Thank you.