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Is it possible to use cldp to program SPI flash on a board with more than 1 BF609 in the JTAG chain?

Question asked by pschei on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by andressd

 I have a custom board with 4x BF609 and one BF561 in the JTAG chain. Using HPUSB-ICE I can load and debug code on each of the processors individually, but when I try to use cldp to program the SPI flash attached to each BF609 it only ever programs the first one in the chain.


I'm using a config.ini file exported from CCES target configuration. I tried changing the config file so that everything except the BF609 I want to program is "Unknown" in the config file (instead of ADSP-BF609), but it seems to auto detect the processor type and just program the first one in the chain. Any ideas?


Thanks Peter